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Welcome to TypesCast.com! This site is designed to help you learn about psychological types in a fun, easy way.

We created this website to share our love of psychological type and to make it both more accessible and easier for you to both ascertain and understand your own type and that of others in your life.

We strongly believe that every human being is infinitely unique and that no system of types can or should ever be used to ‘pigeonhole’ someone.  However, we are convinced that we are all born with certain tendencies that we share with one another, in varying degrees.  It is our view that these patterns are not only evident in our words and decisions, but also even somewhat in our outward appearance.

For more on this, check out our in-depth article on the topic: “Test... But Verify”

We invite you participate in our sister site’s all-new discussion forums, where you can meet, share and discuss types for free! Feel free to post any questions or input you may have at: meet.psychetype.com

SJ Stabilizer SP Activator
NF Cultivator NT Innovator

If you have already taken one of the well-known personality tests that gives you a four letter code,†such as ESTP or INFJ, for example, but arenít sure if your results are correct, we recommend verifying your type.

Not sure of your type or know someone whose personality-type you want to explore? Click here for our free personality test (we will email you your FULL type result with no tricks!) at:


Additionally, to access to our exclusive in-depth personality type profile insights and list of over 500 celebrity type examples, as well as our animated, narrated 4-part intro series, click here to check out our all new Personality Type Decoder series!

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