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About TypesCast.com

Welcome! We created this site to share our love of psychological type and to make it both more accessible and easier for you to both ascertain and understand your own type and that of others in your life.

TypesCast.com is designed to help you learn about psychological types in a fun, easy way. We utilize our backgrounds in the Myers-Briggs (MBTI),  Keirsey Temperament Systems, the Enneagram, Blood Type and others to provide you with convenient access to information about type systems and a better understanding of how they relate.

It’s also exciting to learn how your type correlates with that of many celebrities and well known personalities. If you’re not certain about your type, we can help you verify your test result once you have taken our online test.

If you have already taken one of the well-known personality tests that gives you a four letter code, such as ESTP or INFJ, for example, but aren’t sure if your results are correct, we recommend verifying your type.

We aim to explain how varying systems of type overlap: Explore how your Enneagram and Myers Briggs Types complement each other and how knowing about Blood types can round out your physical, typological and relational lives.

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